My artspiration corner

Actually, there are a lot more than 3 full journals stacked on my bedside shelf, and more tucked in boxes in my bedroom cupboard. I keep dipping into them to find courage for the day, looking for the catch to spring open the stuck windows in my soul.  Searching for those few pithy words to ignite the feelings of freedom, remembering that I’ve been on a similar road previously and have found the joyful way through. And I figure if I’m reinvigorated by the stuff in my journals, you may be too.

And I have art journals, places for safe experimentation, somewhere to deposit the left over paint for the day, or play around with new colour palettes. I’d love to share out of them from time to time….

Some things I love….

* Living in Melbourne, close to my family again, after 4 years living in sunny Queensland.

* My seven amazing children … and now there are 8! Gush Gush. I delight in their journeys, whether difficult, joy-filled or in between.

* Creating atmosphere, a place for retreat and reconnection to one’s self. I love carrying peace, kindness, acceptance, strength, courage, possibility and hope.

* Pinterest

* Starting my days with 2 warm squeezed-lemon waters (addiction), progressing quickly to Dilmah tea (addiction).

* Living counter-culture, because I don’t want modern culture’s rewards for my life. I want more.

* Becoming self aware, a necessity for discovering new dimensions of self love, and how can I love anyone if I don’t love myself?

* Colour! texture! art! vintage paper!

* Chilled Corona alongside hot chips and aoli, a weekend treat.

* Understanding fear, and spooking it. Haha!

* Love!

* Living loved!

* Living by love!

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